Filler injection




I’d like to introduce you to Clare, who is 29. When we analyse Clare’s nose from the side, we can see she has a very obtuse nasolabial angle, and this is in part due to the fact that the columella is very straight and high. We can improve this angle by injecting the columella, creating a small break.


Injection site markings and treatment


To decrease the nasolabial angle, we are injecting some Juvederm Voluma with a needle into the columella. I am pinching the soft tissue, and it is vital to aspirate here because we have some columella branches that supply the tip of the nose. I will inject a small amount of product to create a natural break in the columella, and this will have the effect of reducing the angle, which at the present moment is a little bit obtuse.


Treatment outcome


Let’s analyse Clare’s result from the profile: I have a before photo on the left and a photo take four weeks after her treatment. I think what is very obvious is the significant improvement in her labiomental angle. You can see that she has significant chin elongation and this angle is much more open. In addition, the nasolabial angle formed by the nose and the lip, which was very obtuse pre-treatment, is now much narrower and in keeping with the ideal female aesthetic. This has resulted in Clare having a much more pleasing profile.