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Complete Reflection


Eyebrow injection


In this video, let’s look at using the filler to inject the eyebrow region. We are injecting the product in a deep plane underneath the eyebrow, and we’re aiming for a structure called the ROOF, or the retro-orbicularis oculi fat. Remember, this is a very high risk area due to the presence of the supraorbital and supratrochlear vessels, so it is ideal when treating this region to use a soft tissue cannula. After injection, let’s reflect the skin back and look at the location of the injected product. As we reflect the skin back, we will see the frontalis muscle, and at this moment we don’t see any of our product. After reflecting the frontalis down, we can see that the product is sitting below the frontalis muscle, and the fat pad in this region is the ROOF, or the retro-orbicularis oculi fat, which is very scant in this particular specimen.