Practice matters


Filler Injection: decanting filler into a syringe


In this video, I want to demonstrate to you how we decant the product from the manufacturer’s syringe into a smaller syringe. There are a number of techniques in which this can be useful, especially when we want precision, and the most important thing to remember at all times when you do this is to maintain sterility, so this is my technique for doing so.


The first thing to note is that I am wearing sterile gloves and that I have a sterile field. My reason for decanting the product is that if we take our syringe, in this case Juvederm Volbella, you will notice that the calibration markings are in 0.05 notches, but sometimes we want more precision than that. For certain cases, I prefer to use this proprietary needle and syringe, which is 0.3 ml and has a pre-attached 32 gauge needle, with 0.01 gradations all the way along. I begin by first removing the base, and then also the plunger. I lay the plunger in the cap and then take my Volbella and inject my product into the back of the empty syringe very slowly. You can see that the product is filling up inside the syringe, and as soon as the product reaches the end where I have the hub of my injecting needle, I will stop injecting and remove my needle and syringe. At this point I have approximately 0.15 or 0.16 ml of product. I replace the plunger and push the product from the back of the syringe to the front, at the same time expelling the air that is in front of the product. You can see that now I have 0.16 ml of product in the syringe.


What I will do now is take the cap off the end to reveal the needle and I can demonstrate the ease with which I can deposit 0.01 ml of the product. Each one of these boluses is exactly 0.01 ml, so this gives us accuracy and precision. This is particularly useful if we are doing a minor modification to a very delicate area like the lip or the tear trough.